I take notes about my experiences, impressions and observations. These are created in graphic steps, slowly and quickly, 

analogue and digital, planned and random. In correspondence with nature, with us humans and with what we make, I trace individual and collective conceptualisations. 

Condensed pictorial representations emerge, which I invite the viewer to interpret.




Born 1967 Grew up in Niesky/Oberlausitz and Dresden, accompanied by the arts: painting, drawing, instrumental playing, choral singing, sculpture and object

Since 2019 

studio in Berlin Charlottenburg

Maintenance of a catalogue raisonné of selected works from 2011 onwards

Since 2011

Increased printmaking and painting work 

Relocation to Berlin (2013)

Intensification of artistic activity

Expansion and deepening of printmaking techniques 

Create Works also in the workshops of the Bund Bildender Künstler Berlin 

Participation in exhibitions with prints

1983 - 2014

Education as a Dipl. Communication Psychologist (FH) as well as in pedagogical and musical professions

Work with children and adults, among other things: 

director of choirs in Upper Lusatia (1983 - 2012) and in St. Petersburg, Russia (1997 - 1999)

lectureships and academic work at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (FH) (2002 - 2009)


2022 / 2023 Berlin, „Druckzeit. Jetzt gerade eben“, etching chine collé, group exhibition, bbk Berlin

Since 2020 Berlin, Atelier Almut Quittenbaum

Since 2020 Berlin, "Overprint. Works from over 40 years of workshop history". Permanent group exhibition in the screen printing workshop of the bbk berlin

2019 Berlin, "Overprint. Works from over 40 years of workshop history", screen printing - group exhibition, bbk berlin

2019 Berlin, “Black art - also colorful. On the occasion of the Day of Printing Art”, etching additive technique, group exhibition, bbk berlin

2018 Berlin, "Scratched up and deeply printed 2", etching additive technique, group exhibition, bbk berlin

2014 Bergkamen, etchings, group exhibition, Environmental Center Westphalia

2012 Bergkamen, etchings, group exhibition, Environmental Center Westphalia

2009 Görlitz, Görlitz Financial Authority, watercolors, group exhibition, curator: Dagmar Nolte



Druckwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH: Überdruck. Arbeiten aus 40 Jahren Werkstattgeschichte. Anlässlich der Ausstellung Überdruck in der Druckwerkstatt des bbk berlin. (2020) Berlin: KRAUTin Verlag 

(ISBN 978-3-96703-005-1)

Author, Co-editor:

Steinert, Erika & Quittenbaum, Almut (Hrsg.), (2009). Häusliche Gewalt verhindern – Innovative Wege! Berlin, Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang 

Neuapostolische Kirche International (2008). Kinder und Musik. Lehrerordner. Stimmt mit ein. Frankfurt a. M.: Verlag Friedrich Bischoff

Works in private ownership / in private collections:

Canada, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, etc.  

Works in public collections:

Bund Bildender Künstler Berlin (bbk berlin)